Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna?


Welcome to, your trusty companion on the journey to health and fitness. Today, we learn completely about does planet fitness have a sauna Buckle up for a ride through gyms and saunas and a sprinkle of humor along the way.

Understanding Planet Fitness:

Planet Fitness, the home of judgment-free workouts, is a haven for fitness aficionados. However, as you navigate their range of offerings, you might notice a missing piece—saunas. Let’s peek behind the fitness curtain and explore why saunas might not make it to Planet Fitness’s fitness feast.

Ever wondered why saunas seem to be playing hide and seek at Planet Fitness? Well, let’s unravel this sauna saga, one judgment-free step at a time.

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Why doesn’t Planet Fitness have a sauna?

Picture this: you walk into Planet Fitness ready for a post-workout sauna session, only to find none. What gives? We’re diving into the reasons behind the sauna scarcity. From Planet Fitness’s workout philosophy to what gym-goers think, we’re unraveling the mystery for you.

So, why is the sauna a no-show at Planet Fitness? As it works out, there’s something else to it besides first showing up. Saunas could not precisely be Planet Wellness’s idea of post-exercise bliss, yet they really do have an interesting interpretation of wellness. Let’s explore the gym’s perspective and the whispers of gym-goers about the sauna-shaped void.

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Saunas and Gyms: A Curious Connection

But hold on, why are gyms generally sauna-free zones? Could there be a cosmic clash between the benefits of saunas and good old gym workouts? Let’s embark on a cosmic journey and debunk some myths surrounding gym saunas.

In the great cosmic gym of life, saunas and gym workouts sometimes do a cosmic dance. We’re here to decipher the moves, the grooves, and whether sweating it out in a sauna is the cosmic key to fitness bliss.

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Cleanliness Concerns in Gym Saunas:

In the world of shared spaces, cleanliness is next to godliness, especially in saunas. We’re tackling the hygiene hysteria, shedding light on how gyms maintain squeaky-clean saunas, and sharing some tips to keep you on the hygiene high road.

Hygiene in the sauna: it’s not just about the steam; it’s about maintaining a cleanliness orchestra. Join us as we pull back the sauna curtain and ensure your sauna experience is not just hot but hygienically heavenly.

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Sauna attire etiquette:

Now, onto the fashion front: what in the world do you wear in a gym sauna? Fear not; we’re here to guide you through the perplexing world of sauna attire etiquette. Spoiler alert: It involves comfort, a dash of style, and perhaps a touch of humor.

Sauna attire—it’s not a fashion show, but we’re still here for a malfunction-free sauna session. Let’s explore the art of sauna dressing, where comfort meets couture, minus the judgment.

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Electronic Devices in Saunas:

Can you imagine bringing your phone into a sauna? The horror! We’re exploring gym policies on electronic devices, juggling the fine line between tech addiction and achieving Zen in the sauna. And yes, we’ll try to keep it tech-free, for the sake of your serenity.

Leave your tech at the sauna door—or not? We’re navigating the digital dilemma and figuring out if your phone deserves a steamy sauna experience or a tech detox on the bench.

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Comparing Sauna and Gym Workouts:

Comparing Sauna and Gym Workouts

Sauna sessions vs. pumping iron—which is the heavyweight champion? We’re throwing them into the metaphorical ring, exploring the benefits of each, and helping you decide how to spice up your fitness routine.

It’s the ultimate showdown: sauna vs. gym. Grab your metaphorical popcorn as we watch them duke it out in the fitness arena. Who will emerge victorious in the battle of the sweats?

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Sauna vs. Steam Room: The Debate

The great debate of the ages: sauna or steam room? It’s like choosing between tea and coffee, but hotter. We’re weighing the pros and cons, offering insights, and maybe even settling the debate once and for all (or not).

Steamy or dry, that is the question. The sauna and steam room face off in the ring of relaxation. Grab a metaphorical towel as we get into the heat of the debate—literally.

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Sauna Etiquette: What Not to Do:

Sauna etiquette 101: A crash course in what not to do. From avoiding sauna faux pas to ensuring your fellow sauna enthusiasts stay happy, we’ve got your back.

Don’t be a sauna sinner; we’re here to guide you through the sauna commandments. Thou shalt not commit these sauna sins, for the sake of your sauna karma.

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Hydration in the Sauna:

In the sizzling heat, staying hydrated is key. Can you hydrate in a gym sauna? Spoiler alert: Yes, you can, and we’ll tell you why it’s crucial. We promise, no saunas were harmed in the making of this hydration guide.

Hydrate or desiccate—the choice is yours. We’re cracking open the hydration code and ensuring your sauna session is a steamy yet hydrating affair. Drink up, sauna enthusiasts!

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Safest Time for Sauna Sessions:

Timing is everything, even in the sauna. Discover the ideal sauna session duration, safety considerations, and how to make your sauna time as smooth as a well-executed workout routine.

When is the sauna the hottest—metaphorically speaking? We’re exploring the optimal time for sauna sessions, so you can bask in the heat without breaking a sweat over safety.

Drawbacks of sauna rooms:

Comparing Sauna and Gym Workouts 1

Every rose has its thorns, and saunas are no exception. We’re exploring the potential pitfalls, offering a reality check, and helping you navigate the sauna landscape with your well-being intact.

Saunas—the love story with a few bumps. We’re not sugarcoating it; saunas have their drawbacks. Join us on a journey through sauna reality, where the heat is real and so are the considerations.


And there you have it: the missing sauna puzzle piece at Planet Fitness, the quirks of gym saunas, and a guide to adding a splash of warmth to your fitness routine. Identifying your fitness sweet spot is crucial, regardless of whether you’re an avid sauna user or a gymgoer.

Ultimately, it’s about discovering your fitness flame, not simply using the sauna. Let’s wrap up this sauna saga with a warm goodbye and a reminder to keep the fitness fire burning—sauna or no sauna.

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Q1: Why doesn’t Planet Fitness have a sauna?

Planet Fitness prefers a judgment-free vibe, and saunas may not align with their fitness philosophy.

Are gym saunas clean?

Gyms take cleanliness seriously, including sauna maintenance, but personal cleanliness is a shared responsibility.

What should I wear in a gym sauna?

Opt for lightweight, comfy attire; think of it as a fashion show where comfort steals the spotlight.

Can I bring my phone into a sauna?

Check gym rules, but it’s generally a good idea to leave the tech outside for a serene sauna experience.

Is a sauna better than a gym?

Saunas offer unique benefits, but they’re more of a complement than a replacement for traditional gym workouts; it’s all about balance.

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